Is it time to buy?

You’re ready for a new home, but is the time right? There is never a perfect time to buy a new home. Below are some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a home:

Is your job secure?
Have you saved for the down payment?
Are you ready for a long term financial commitment?

Home ownership is one of the cornerstones of financial security. In the short-term home prices aren’t always comparable; a new home always cost more than a used one. New homes meet standards for insulation, energy efficiencies, and product design. If you want a truly custom home, built to your specifications, building a new home is your only option.

Now is the best time to build while construction prices and interest rates are at record lows.


Should you buy a repo instead of buying a new home? It’s a tough question.

If you own your own land then the answer is simple, it’s time to build now.

If you’re considering a repo, does the price justify its condition, age, location, and any unknowns that come with purchasing an older home that’s been lived in before? There are often hidden costs in older homes and repos. Many repo homes have bad foundations, dry rot, old appliances, broken cabinets and doors, leaking roofs, and second-rate improvements. You should also consider the work you will need to take on personally. Purchasing a repo is a good choice as long as it’s in like-new condition. Otherwise, compare the prices you will need to buy at, you would need a substantial discount to just break even.

A new home, in a new subdivision is likely your best long-term choice financially.

Remember, a new home and neighborhood can greatly increase the quality of your family’s life.

The process of buying or building a new home can be a bit stressful. There is a considerable financial and emotional investment in home ownership. The solution for any homebuyer, particularly the first-time buyer, is a clear understanding of the process. How it works, what happens when, and what to expect next.

Select a Home

You’ll know its right when you see it. We have plenty of plans to choose from or we can draw a new plan to your specifications and needs. You probably already know what community you want to live in, however you may want to consider the quality and availability of healthcare, schools, public transportation, arts and culture, and parks. Visit our municipalities for more information.

Secure a Loan

Now it’s time to work out the financial details.

  • How much will you put down?
  • How much will you borrow?
  • At what interest rate? Fixed or variable?
  • How long will it take to pay it off?

You will need to know what all your cost are at this point, the total cost to build or buy a new home, mortgage cost, closing cost, property taxes, home owner insurance, extended home warranty, etc. Don’t worry, we will help you through the process.


This is the time to verify that the home you’re about to buy is exactly what’s presented in the contract. If you had the home built, it’s time for the final walk-through. The final papers will be signed and the keys turned over to you. The home will be ready for you to move into at this point. You may miss things on your final walk-through it does not matter. Don’t worry, if something isn’t the way it should have been, we will fix it. Sometimes it takes a little time living in a new home to notice some of the things that need fixing or adjusting. It’s a very busy time and we will deliver the home you contracted for.

If this is your first new home, you are in for a real treat. “I built my first new home in 1994 and will never buy a used home again,” says Kerry Reich, owner of KT Reich, “You will understand once you have one—it’s just like buying a new car, but way more satisfying.”

The time is right to purchase your new home

Year, months, or perhaps even minutes ago you began dreaming about a new home. Maybe you’re tired of renting? Maybe you’ve had some good fortune? Perhaps you need to relocate? Or, it could be that your family has outgrown your current home. One thing that’s unique about KT Reich is that we don’t build just one kind of home for one kind of buyer. We build homes for every lifestyle and for people at all stages of life. Your home purchase represents one of the largest investments you'll ever make. It goes without saying that you'll want full confidence in your builder's future. Our success during the past 12 years at KT Reich testifies to our staying power. While our inventory includes new residences for immediate occupancy, we typically collaborate with our customers to build homes to their needs.

Buying a home, even if it’s not your first, can be a little overwhelming. KT Reich makes the process deeply satisfying and helps you attain the home of your dreams. We build homes for every stage of life. From starter to large custom homes, we recognize that this purchase is one of the largest investments you will make. We will do everything to make your investment profitable by producing a solid quality home that you will enjoy for years. Your home will become the place where your cherished memories happen. KT Reich creates the quality of life our customers seek. We build what you want, where you want it – a place to raise your family or enjoy retirement.

You will love your home from the first day you move in and every day after.

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