Please review in detail all of the following and if you feel that you meet the criteria, please apply. If you cannot make part of the requirements talk to us, increased deposit and other stipulations may solve the problem and give you a chance to rent.

1. We provide equal housing opportunities for all persons. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation or source of income. We are seeking tenants that pay their rent on time, take care of the property, respect their neighbors, and obey both the law and the terms of the rental agreement.

2. We will be happy to show all our rental units for which you financially qualify. That criteria is verifiable take home pay of three times the rent amount. Exceptions to this are: (1) Applicants with qualified co-signers & Additional deposits are required and/or (2) Tenants with HUD vouchers or certificates.

3. An application will be required from each adult (18 yrs & older) desiring to occupy the rental unit.

4. We need to see two pieces of identification including one with your picture on it for each adult desiring to occupy the rental unit.

5. Household pets are permitted only with written consent of the landlord. All properties have a "No Pet Policy" unless otherwise indicated. Pets mean everything, if we do accept pets there is an extra deposit required. (We evict for any unauthorized pets). Additional deposit for EACH PET under 20lb is $200. Add $100 for every 10lbs after that.

6. We must have the ability to verify all of the information on the application form. Any unverifiable or false information will result in the application being denied.

7. We will talk to your employer and verify your income, your employment stability, and the outlook for continued employment for one year from the date of application. Additional deposits may be required: (1) if you have been on the job for less than one year and/or (2) If you are self employed (we need a way to verify your income, tax returns work or any other way).

8. We will do a credit check for all adult occupants. Poor credit will require additional deposits.

9. We will check with the court records for any felony arrests and FED’s (Court Evictions). We will need to know the facts surrounding the arrest or eviction, if we feel its old history or there is reason to believe it will not happen again the problem can be solved with a larger deposit.

10. We will call the tax department and verify the owner of your past & present rentals.

11. We will talk to your present landlord and previous landlords which may include but is not limited to: Your rent payment history, evictions, complaints, police calls to the property, unauthorized co-tenants, unauthorized pets, any subleasing and any damage to previous rental property(s), violations of the rental agreement, proper 30 day written notices given to vacate, security deposits returned, reasons behind retained deposits, if all charges and costs owed where paid, as well as if you maintained the premises and yard in an acceptable manner.

12. All children 10 years and younger must have an adult (18 or over) SUPERVISION is required at all times.

13. We process applications on a first come first serve basis. We attempt to verify all information within one business day but we can only do this if people phone us back, and the information on the application is accurate. If we are unable to verify the information we go on to the next application, whichever one checks out first gets the rental.

14.We require cash or certified funds to move in. (Personal checks will be accepted for monthly rents.)

Do you agree to the rental criteria outlined above? - YES | NO

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